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FANS (AFN) Logon Codes (ATC facility provider of FANS): ATSUcodes


A current copy of the FANS Operations Manual (FOM): FANS Operations Manual v4   


Useful information about FANS operations in the South Pacific can be found at:


         The North Atlantic Guidance material for ADS and CPDLC can be found at:


Boeing ATS SR&O D926T0280 (still the complete, definitive document for FANS software):  Pegasus_SR&O


The FAA Oceanic Operations Standards page is at:


The FAA ATOP information website is at:



ARINC documents may be obtained from ARINC at:,

ARINC 622 “ATS Data Link Applications Over ACARS Air-Ground Network”

ARINC 618, “Air-Ground Character-Oriented Protocol Specification”

ARINC 620, “Data Link Ground System Standard and Interface Specification”

ARINC 635, “HF Data Link Protocols”

ARINC 724B, “Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)”

ARINC 741, “Aviation Satellite Communications System: Part 1 Supplement 6, Aircraft Installation Provisions” and “Part 2 Supplement 3, System Design and Equipment”

ARINC 758, “Communication Management Unit (CMU) Mark 2”

ARINC 761, “ Second Generation Aviation Satellite Communication System, Aircraft Installation Provisions”

ARINC 745-2, “Automatic Dependent Surveillance”

ARINC 781 “Mark 3 Aviation Satellite Communication System”


List of Data Link Requirements Documents at :

         RTCA DO-219 “Minimum Operational Performance Standards for ATC Two-Way Data Link Communications”

         RTCA DO-212 “Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) Equipment”

RTCA DO-258A (formerly PSG 1019E, then PUB23)“Interoperability Requirements for ATS Applications Using ARINC 622 Data Communication Document “

RTCA DO-264  (formerly PUB22) “Guidelines for Approval of the Provision and Use of Air Traffic Services Supported by Data Communications”


FAA website for Advisory Circulars:

         AC  20-140   Guidelines For Design Approval Of Aircraft Data Communications Systems

AC 120-COM “Initial Air Carrier Operational Approval For Use of Digital Systems”

AC 25.1309‑1A, “System Design Analysis, for transport category airplanes”

AC 20‑115B, “Software Design Considerations” (RTCA DO‑178B), provides an acceptable means for showing that the software complies with §§ xx.1301 and xx.1309 of 14 CFR parts 23, 25, 27, and 29.



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